The Flavour Thesaurus – the MUST HAVE cookbook for anyone who eats!

The Flavour Thesaurus – Pairings, recipes and ideas for the creative cook

If you need to buy only one cookbook in your life, The Flavour Thesaurus is it.  I’m talking, if the house was burning down and you had to save one thing (well, except the kids and dog), kind of book. Fortunately for us, if there was an unforeseen incident, you can buy it again so be sure to save yourself first!

This isn’t a gluten free cookbook and some would argue that it’s not really a cookbook at all.  However, what it does contain is the magic of ingredient pairing that is a the core of every recipe you love.  The information (magic) hidden in this book will take your cooking to an all new level and allow you to create amazing gluten free dishes on the fly.

The magic?

Author Niki Segnit has compelled an extensive flavour thesaurus that show which ingredients work wonderfully together.  Imaging being able to magically create dishes with a handful of ingredients in the fridge.  Or, to be able to create a culinary masterpiece from a seasonal ingredient or even leftovers!?  To have this knowledge on hand is invaluable for any home or professional cook wanting to create mouthwatering dishes that just work.

The reason is that certain foods compliment each other.  Think of tomato and basil, ham and pineapple, mint and peas, cheese and onion.  Food marriages is what makes a dish taste great. While some might think creating something amazing takes time and needs to be complicated, the exact opposite is true.  Simple pairings are usually the best where the ingredients sing together on the plate (and in your mouth!).

So as a gluten free cook, any insights into ingredient pairing will help in many ways.  Due to diet restrictions, it can be difficult to know what substitution will work with an old time favourite recipe.  In addition, it can be really useful to create dishes with some of your other favourite gluten free ingredients.

As a result, the end result of any meal will go from ordinary to extraordinary. So as long as the ingredients you use are gluten free, this book will definitely transform the way you look at food and take your cooking to a completely new level.

Finally, The Flavour Thesaurus can be found in most bookstores, and also through Amazon on my affiliate link below.

Happy eatings!