Genius Gluten Free Bread Review

Watch the Genius Gluten Free Bread Review and see how this gluten free product stands up to conventional bread.  We’ll put it to the test – through many tests actually!  You be the judge on whether it’s a winner when it comes to taste, texture and toastability!

Also, why not take the Peanut Butter Challenge with your favourite Gluten Free Bread?  Share with the word, so other gluten free foodies can learn about other great (or not so great) gluten free breads.  Because even those with wheat and gluten issues, love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


So how did Genius Gluten Free Bread do?

Rolling Pin Challenge:  PASS!  Genius Gluten Free Bread held it together, while getting a good rolling.  Perhaps it was nerves of steel, or a strong disposition but the bread passed this test with flying colors.  Great news for those who want to make gluten free toast crackers or want a sturdy bread for sandwiches.

Peanut Butter Challenge:  PASS!   Things got a bit nuts, but Genius Gluten Free Bread pulled through the peanut butter challenge without issue.  Peanut butter jelly sandwiches await!

Water Challenge:  FAIL! Genius Gluten Free Bread put up a good fight but couldn’t stand the pressure.  After it was all said and done, Genius fell apart.  Not a good outcome for those gluten free foodies looking for a gluten free alternative for french toast, turkey stuffing or bread pudding.

Toastability Challenge:  PASS!  Genius Gluten Free Bread took the heat and passed the toastability test.  On heat setting four, the bread turned golden brown and did not burn.  On the inside, it remained light and moist – a perfect accompaniment to you morning butter and marmalade.

Grilled Cheese Challenge: PASS! Genius Gluten Free Bread made an excellent grilled cheese sandwich and preformed well in a frying pan and under the grill.

The verdict?  Genius Gluten Free Bread receives four out of five stars!