Bocconcini Tomato Appetizer


I would not even call Bocconcini Tomato a recipe so I feel slightly guilty for including this.  But sometimes the most simple combination can create fantastic appies for parties and we forget that even the simplest of combinations can work well for a last minute entertaining idea.  Plus, they are Gluten Free anyways, and super quick/easy to make.


  • Baby bocconcini
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh basil
  • Sea Salt
  • Balsamic Reduction

My Top Tips:

Buying and storing tomatoes:  Unless you are blessed to live in a climate that is warm 365 days a year (lucky you!) then you’ll probably be forced to purchase tomatoes that are imported from far away lands when out of season.    If you can buy organic, fresh and local – PLEASE DO!  I am a total tomato snob and there is no comparison when eating beside a conventional version.

However, you can keep your tomatoes at their best by storing them properly.  Do not keep in the fridge if possible.  This seems to change the molecular structure somehow and turns a beautiful, firm tomato to mush.

For big parties, Costco is a great place to buy baby bocconcini.  You can get a fairy big container of the little guys for cheap and they last a long time in the fridge.  Plus, they make great , sneaky snacks when you are hungry for a little indulgence.

Finally, I like to buy live basil plants and keep in my window.  They don’t seem to last a really long time, however, I do get much more shelf life out of them then I do buying a big bag of fresh.  The live pot and fresh bags usually cost the same amount of money so if you want to access your basil over a couple weeks, or recipes, go for the potted.  Plus they look and smell pretty as well.